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Why China?

Stats presented here is meant to show the growing opportunities in China.  It is not meant to bash the U.S. 

U.S. is used as a comparison as U.S. is the world’s most important economy.

High Population

Population is the basis of consumerism; consumers who are looking to buy your goods and services. China has 1.4 billion people; there are 329 million in the U.S. That's four times as many people as U.S.!

Big Middle Class

Middle class means spending power. It also shows the prosperity of a country. According to Brooking's Institute, China's middle class will be 13% of the world, surpassing U.S. middle class of 12%.

High Value

Despite of all the advances in China, it is still a great buy! The same kind of investment in China is cheaper by tens of thousands of dollars (USD) compared to U.S. Use less money to achieve a higher return!

China has the Biggest Economy.


GDP (Nominal)

China has the Biggest Population.

Population is the base for potential customers.  Consumers of products and services.

Source: Wikipedia

China has the Biggest Cities.

According to Wikipedia’s top 86 largest cities, China has the most cities out of the total (26 cities out of 86).  U.S. only has two cities that made the list (New York and Los Angeles).

How’s this relevant?  If you’re going into business, you’ll want to locate your business in big cities where the buyers are.  With China, you’ll have more choices and room for growth!

1 %
26 China Cities

Too many cities to list, and growing!

1 %

New York City, Los Angeles

China has a Big Middle Class - and Growing!