Professional Management

Our main service is to help our customers to realize an absentee-run F&B franchise business in China.

Complete Implementation

From discovery to store location, we guide the way to your franchise ownership in China.

Complete Absentee-Run

We take care of the hard work on a daily basis so that you don't have to lift a finger.

Complete Oversight

You own all the titles, relationships, contracts and watch over all the details at any time.

China Company Formation

Setting up a company in China is not difficult. But registering a wholly foreign-owned China company can sometimes be tricky. In addition to the standard registration protocols, there could be complications regarding visa and other customs related document. Our service in setting up a wholly foreign-owned China company is all-inclusive. In addition to the actual company registration, business banking is also part of the complete set-up. Business banking that can be accessed and controlled once the franchisee returns to his/her home country.

Franchise Selection

Choosing a franchise to invest is never an easy decision. Our assistance in this area starts with your China Discovery Trip. Helping you to understand the strength and viability of each of our certified franchisors, and then help you to choose the best franchise to suit your needs. We will physically show each franchise store in actual operation, and then present detailed investment prospectus on the franchise you're interested in.

Franchise Set-Up

This is a complicated process that involves many different parties. The process starts with signing of the franchise agreement; we will help you to understand the entire scope of the agreement. Once you've officially become a franchisee, on your behalf, we'll obtain the necessary regulatory licensing and permits for your franchise store. We will help with retail location selection and the selection of construction contractor to build your franchise store to code. We will take care of uniform, equipment, fixtures, furniture, and smallwares. Staff recruitment and training is also part of this service. And lastly, we'll line up the appropriate logistics for the necessary inventory.

Daily Operations

Running the daily operations in your franchise store is the major part of our core strength. We will take care of staff scheduling, inventory, sales, janitorial, and everything else - a complete turn-key management solution for your franchise store. Most store data are uploaded to the extranet on a daily basis where you can access the information 24/7. Our duties also include standard compliance with various government inspections to ensure safety.

Financial Management

On your behalf, we also help your franchisee company deal with various government agencies for financial purposes. This includes payroll and taxation. While setting up a company in China is relatively easy, and running a store may not be rocket science, doing everything while making sure that your company is up-to-code with various government regulations and taxation is vital to the survival and prosperity of your business in China. All of the financial data pertaining to your store are uploaded to the extranet for your viewing pleasure. All transactional records dealing with the government will also be uploaded. We also provide you access to perform physical audits of your financial data at a time of your own choosing.

Human Resource Management

Keeping your employees motivated is one of our top priorities. In your physical absence, we will take the leadership role in helping employees to perform to their best abilities. May it be work scheduling or turn-over maintenance, we take pride in making sure that your franchise store is always staffed with the best people possible. Due to its different political system, China also has vastly different regulations when it comes employer's obligations to employees. We will ensure that your franchisee company is always in compliance with all the related regulations.

Supply Chain Management

Keeping up with all the necessary inventory for your franchise store is never an easy task. Getting the right supplier for each inventory item while negotiating for the best price and service is important to the success of your store. Due to various market factors in China, one can never fully depend on one set of suppliers to provide everything on a consistent basis. There must always be Plan B if not Plan C. Part of our jobs is to ensure that the inventory arrive in your store on-time with consistent quality. In addition to this standard requirement, we will also stay flexible to make the necessary adjustment for seasonal fluctuations. In short, we are literally managing the ingredients for your success.

Franchise Management

We will work with the franchisor to ensure that your franchisee store is in compliance with the franchise rules and expectations. Throughout the year, certain franchisors may initiate various promotions and marketing plans. We will work with the franchisor to ensure that your franchisee store fully participates and receives the maximum benefit from such efforts. We will also keep you fully appraised of such events and their potential impact.

China Taxation

Tax is as inevitable as the sunrise; this is true anywhere you go. And while China's taxation regulations may be as foreign to you as China is, we are very familiar with all the requirements and prerequisites when it comes to personal and corporate taxes in China. Ensuring that your China franchise business conforms to all levels of taxation authorities is part of our job. While we will not engage in illegal effort to dodge taxes, we will always be working hard to ensure that your franchise business is taxed at the bare minimum.

China Regulatory Compliance

The nature of the F&B business naturally involves food safety. This fact adds more than one layers of regulatory compliance that we have to meet on your behalf. Taking food safety seriously is also good for business. To ensure that we gain and retain consumer confidence, we will always uphold the priority to ensure that we produce in a sanitary and safe environment. We will work to ensure that your franchise business passes all safety inspections and procures all the necessary permits. And we will continuously monitor the store to make sure it meets all safety regulations.

24/7 Extranet

We maintain an extranet site where you can access all the information regarding your franchise store 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will be able to see all the financial data such as sales and expense reports. All aspects of your store activities are documented in this extranet site. You'll even be able to see our regular inspection reports. This is the one aspect of service that sets us apart from others. We give you the tool to maintain complete control over your franchise store in China.