We offer the most comprehensive service from start to finish and beyond!  Not just helping you pick the right China franchise but also run it so it is as profitable as possible!

China Discovery Trip

Your ownership of a Chinese F&B franchise starts with a discovery trip to China.

Professional Management

We offer the most complete solution to turn your franchise into an absentee-run business.​

Our core strength is contract management in the F&B franchise industry.  We take care of the daily operations of running a F&B franchise so that the franchisee can be free of the daily hassles.  Our service is comprehensive, and every aspects of our operation can be remotely monitored by the franchisee.

Our specialty is to help foreign customers become full-fledge Chinese franchise owners.  Our services start with helping customers setting up a native Chinese company, company bank account, franchise agreement and collaboration, government certifications, retail development, and then the day-to-day operations that includes marketing, store management, human resources, supply chain, and accounting.

Our primary service objective is two-pronged.  On one hand, we are committed to run each franchise store to the best of our abilities, on the other, we aim to ensure that our franchisee customers are always in full control of store operational data and finances. 

In addition to real-time video surveillance, we offer all of our franchisee customers an intranet access that maintains all of the financial data on the franchise store in question.  Such data includes daily sales, purchases,  and all other expenses.  Analytics are also provided so our franchisee customers can have better understanding of store performances.  At the end of each year, a financial report will also be provided.

We have a dedicated English-speaking team of service reps who is a click away to answer questions and concerns; our service reps are available via chat, audio, or video. 

China Discovery Trip

The best F&B franchise for growth

We offer the most potential for growth F&B franchise in China. No frills, no fillers, just prime selections.

All franchise data translated into English

All of our franchise information are translated into English to help you grasp the opportunity.

Investment amount clearly labeled

To ensure that there's no misconception, all fees are clearly labeled with explanation. Contact us for details.

Professional Management

Upon your decision to set-up shop in China, we will help to complete all the paperwork and coordinate all the set-up of your franchise store.  We will then manage the daily operation and ensure that you can remotely monitor all the operational details.

China Company Formation

Complete foreigner-owned company registration in your name and all associated banking needs.

Franchise Set-Up

Everything from location selection to staff recruitment and store remodeling, all the way to the grand opening, is included in this service.

Daily Operations

We will take care of all the in's-and-out's of the daily operation; franchisee can remotely monitor all the ongoing details.

Financial Management

We will also prepare financial reports on a monthly basis so that franchisee can reconcile the profitability with bank statements.

Human Resource Management

We will manage all employee recruitment, work schedule, fringe benefits, and regulatory compliance.

Supply Chain Management

We will procure all consumables and material needed for the daily operation of the franchise as well as manage vendor payments.

China Regulatory Compliance

We will work with the various governmental agencies to ensure full compliance with local laws and taxation.

China Taxation

We will calculate, report, and remit appropriate taxes related to the franchise to ensure smooth operations.

Franchise Management

We will manage the working relationship with franchisor as well as participate in franchise activities.

24/7 Extranet

We provide you with the tool to supervise all the activities related to your store.