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Affordable and profitable Chinese franchises available to investors who do not speak Chinese or live in China.

Supplement your income by owning a franchise in China.

Chinese Economy is the World's Largest.


Chinese People and Buying Power!

People, People, Everywhere!

Population is the basis of consumers; consumers who are looking to buy your goods and services.  China has 1.4 billion people (vs. 329 million in U.S.).  That’s four times as many people as U.S.!

Growing Middle Class

Middle class means spending power.  According to Brooking’s Institute, China’s middle class will be 13% of the world, surpassing U.S. middle class of 12%.

According to McKinsey analysis, Chinese middle class is predicted to reach 550 million by 2022 – that’s 150% today’s U.S. “entire” population.

Furthermore, China is on schedule to eliminate poverty all together in 2020-2021.  With even more people out of poverty and marching towards middle class, the purchasing power of Chinese consumers is astounding.

Why the Food & Beverage Business in China?

Want a Piece of the Action?

Start Your Business in China!

Getting a Foothold in China

Set-Up a Company

Setting up a foreigner-owned company in China is your very first step.

Set-Up a Bank Account

Setting up an international bank account with Internet banking.

Set-Up Management Team

Contracting a competent and reliable management team to run your business.

Sit Back and Count Your Earnings

Remotely supervise the daily operations of your business from your home country.

Who We Are and What We Do.

Experienced contract restaurant management.

Background in servicing foreign corporate investors.

Personalized services for small individual investors.

Comprehensive setup-to-operation services.

Helping our customers to become franchise owners in China.

Franchise Opportunity in China

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More About China Opportunities

Keep up with all the exciting franchise opportunities in China with our blog.  We constantly post insightful and relevant contents that are geared toward demystifying misconceptions and strengthen understanding of China and doing business within.


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