Haofurui is affiliated to Shanghai Haofulai Brand Management Co., Ltd., which is the core business of steak products, diversified beef snacks and beef rice bento products. It is constantly innovating new ways of eating steak, healthy new fashion, and is committed to conveying a fashionable and delicious. Nutritional food culture. Hao Furui is one of the fast-food brands favored by consumers in China. It is also a shining star in the Chinese catering industry. Once it was published, it quickly became a highly regarded entrepreneurial project.

Hao Furui is committed to becoming “China's affordable steak brand” and always provides health products and quality services to its partners. The company pays attention to team building, continuously introduces Chinese talents to form a core team, and formulates a standardized and systematic management system. Beef from the source, from the farm to the table, Hao Furui strict quality supervision allows each piece of meat to be safe to eat, food preservation and preservation; self-operated factory centralized production, equipped with modern low temperature, sterile production workshop; headquarters research and development team Develop new products and trigger new trends in the market. Hao Furui is selling beef products to the north and south.

Promising prospects, high popularity, optimism

The accumulation of the catering industry for twenty years has made the brand today. Perfect operating system, strong service team, strong brand influence and unified store image. It has won the support of a group of entrepreneurs and has formed a great market influence in the catering industry.

Four major brand cooperation advantages, making entrepreneurs profitable

1. Take the road of people-friendly and fill the gap in the market for cheap steak stalls.

2. Strong food research and development capabilities at headquarters, perfect supply chain system.

3. Cooperate with online platform strategy, eat + eat and take away multi-scenario consumption experience.

4. Standardized clear cooperation process, team one-stop service.

Eight franchise support, one-stop support, all-round support

Open store support

Site selection, design, decoration, full support, worry-free shop; based on the research and evaluation of the store, based on the successful market operation experience of the headquarters, customize the personalized marketing plan for the franchisees, and assign a person to be responsible for the opening activities.

Operational support

Go to the store with the store, online and offline linkage, increase the order volume of the store.

E-commerce support

Integrate online platform resources, monitor store data, and increase the volume of take-out orders.

Marketing support

Outdoor media, online media hard-to-play; soft and wide-spread; strategic cooperation with strength marketing companies to provide long-term marketing content support.

Training support

Provide free training support to gain an in-depth knowledge of the takeaway catering industry and store operations.

R & D support

The special beef formula is sourced from the research and development team at the headquarters in Vienna. The new products are regularly listed to seize market opportunities.

Supervisory support

Full-time supervision of regular patrols and problems found in time. Customer service to solve after-sales problems, improve single-store reputation.

Supply chain support

The self-operated factory is concentrated in production, there is no middleman, and the procurement cost is reduced; the whole process is cold chain distribution.

Franchise Data
  • Franchise Started


  • Price Range

    $25,000 to $50,000

  • Existing Franchisee


  • Headquarter


  • Available Region

    All China