Han Meimei pickled fish, tens of thousands of yuan investment without chefs, no experience, 1-2 people can open a shop, line up for dozens of people Han Meimei pickled fish, core material package unified distribution, shorten the meal time, tastes diverse, cover different people .

Tens of thousands of franchisees, two people operating, can open stores / agents, but also optional full-managed store type, when the "hands-on shopkeeper", a variety of cooperation models, there is always a suitable for you!
Mini-stores - lower thresholds, less investment, and shorter capital turnover.
Quality stores - more products, more customers, more channels.
Theme store - full line of products, high-end dining environment, a wider range of business.
Fully managed store type - innovative full-managed mode, the headquarters of the whole store for you to operate the store.
Join Han Meimei pickled fish and rice - gift materials + enjoy regional protection + regular product updates, no worries!

Franchise Data
  • Franchise Started


  • Price Range

    $25,000 to $50,000

  • Existing Franchisee


  • Headquarter


  • Available Region

    All China