Sweet Roast Potato - 小薯甜甜

Through the ages, sweet potato has long been a stable of Chinese favorites.  From the kitchen table to the street, now, it’s one of the best selling fast-food in China!

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From ¥44,800 to ¥84,800 depending on store size.


Over 250 stores throughout major cities in China.


Roast Sweet Potato makes sweet potato one of the most favorite snacks in China.

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Roast Sweet Potato offers a healthy alternative to snacking.  Everything on the menu is made from roasted and baked sweet potatoes.  It has pioneered some very special and popular substitutes with sweet potatoes.

For instance, sweet potato chips and sweet potato fries.  There’s also ice cream and drinks made with sweet potatoes.  And yes, even pizza! 

They are making more tasty yummy stuff every month.  The sweet taste of Roast Sweet Potato is sweeping China.  And the sweet potato innovation keeps rolling on.


Three Types of Storefront to Choose From.

From a semi take-out stand to in-store dining, there’s a perfect investment size for your needs.  From ¥44,800 to ¥84,800 depending on store size.

Roast Sweet Potato has over 250 stores throughout China with the highest concentration in tier-1 and tier-2 cities. 

Roast Sweet Potato opens on an average of 10 to 15 stores every year throughout China.

Innovative Menu

A perfect blend of traditional Chinese favors and modern baking/roasting techniques, Sweet Roast Potato has an unique line-up popular menu items with regularly scheduled innovations to wow and satisfy both the young and old.

Investment Overview

Roast Sweet Potato has a relatively lower entry barrier.  It offers three different size configurations.

Store Size 6-15 sqm 16-35 sqm 25-60 sqm
Franchise Fee
Rent Deposit
Initial Inventory
Add'l Funds

FF&E: Fixture, Furniture, and Equipment.  Rent Deposit is a three-month deposit.  Additional Funds: two-months operational cost.  Some minor incidental costs may not be included.  All fees are estimates, actual costs may vary.