Not just any China franchise can work for foreign investors; we have hand-picked a selected few to represent.

Who are they?

Franchisor Criterion

We have multiple criterion to recruit, engage, and certify franchisors.  Here are a few highlights of our approach.


We only pick franchisors who have strong R&D resources. In order to stay eternally competitive in the F&B industry, we need franchisors who are always coming out with fresh ideas to attract and retain consumers.


Most of the franchisors we work with has to be in business for at least 10 years. Such franchisors usually have multiple brands although we usually will not represent more than one or two brands from one single franchisor.


We only work with QSR (Quick-Service Restaurant) or fast casual based franchise to eliminate the heavy dependence on chefs. We realize that all employees have to be replaceable in order to eliminate the biggest human resource problem in a traditional restaurant - the chef.