Lemon Workshop - 柠檬工坊

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From ¥20,000 to ¥50,000 depending on store size.


2000+ stores nationwide in China.


Lemon Workshop makes lemonade-based exotic fruit drinks.

The Perfect Line-Up

We have over 200 different menu items for different seasons.  This ensures that our stores are always in the perfect position to fulfill the needs of consumers throughout the year.

About Us

Lemon Workshop is a Hong Kong based franchise brand with our first China store opened in 2005.  Since then, we have grown to over 2000 stores throughout China!

We have engineered our stores to be flexible.  It can work in street corners, outdoor or indoor malls, or any food courts. 

Our strategy has always been focusing on selling lower-priced items to gain higher volume.  This has worked very well for our franchisees throughout the seasons.


With over 2000 franchise stores  in 35 major cities, 18 provinces, throughout China, Lemon Workshop is growing fast!  We aim to keep our franchise investment affordable and set up even more stores in the years to come.

Store Size 30 sqm 60 sqm 80 sqm
Franchise Fee
Rent Deposit
Initial Inventory
Add'l Funds

Investment Overview

The franchise fee for Lemon Workshop varies depending on location.