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Chimo Chinese Hamburger 痴馍

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From ¥15,000 to ¥20,000 depending on store size and location.


Over 7000 stores throughout major cities in China.


Chimo serves specialty meat crepe that can be described as Chinese hamburger.

Chimo Chinese Burgers

A traditional favorite from the province of Shanxi – marinated pork wrapped in crispy crepes.  In today’s terminology, it can be called: Chinese burgers.  However, at Chimo, we go beyond just the tradition, we’ve pioneered different fillings in combination with different types of buns.

About Us

Started in 2009, Chimo has become one of the fastest growing franchise in China.  In 2015, we’ve become a publicly listed company.


Chimo has over 7000 store locations throughout 41 major metropolitan areas in 16 provinces in China.

Store Size 50 sqm 70 sqm
Franchise Fee
Rent Deposit
Initial Inventory
Add'l Funds

Investment Overview

Chimo Chinese Hamburgers franchise fee is very low – as low as ¥10,000 per year.