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You have questions, we have answers.

No.  We are not.  We are a professional management company that specializes in helping foreign investors to become franchise owners in China.  Our job is to run your business, not to sell you on buying business/franchise in China.

No, we are not; we are Chinese management company located in China.  However, we do have sales representatives in the U.S. and other countries who help the local customers to understand our services.

Yes, we do.  This is our core-strength and business model.  We specialize in managing absentee-run franchises for our foreign customers who monitor all aspects of the operations remotely.

It depends.  All of our existing franchisors went through a strict certification process and also must pass our annual evaluation.  Our unique process is important to ensure the interest of our customers.  Not all potential franchisors are willing to participate, or able to pass, our initial certification process.

We have management fees and profit sharing agreements with each franchisee.  We are like the store manager who runs the entire store for you.

Your road to franchise ownership in China starts with your discovery trip to our Shanghai headquarter.  Contact us and we’ll put you in touch with a local representative who will help to explain the process.

Unless otherwise requested, in order to minimize your initial travel expense, we would schedule your China visit in the metropolitan Shanghai area  (one of the biggest three cities, geographically and population-wise, in the world) where most of the China franchises have representation.  If there are requirement to travel to other municipalities, we would clearly specify this in the itinerary.

You do, of course.  You’ll be the sole owner and the legal representative of the China company that we’ll help you to set-up.  You will not find our name in any part of your company registration.

You do, the franchisee.  The company and bank account is registered under your name, and you will have full access to remotely control the bank account via the Internet.  You decide who and how much to pay.

We provide real-time video surveillance of your store as well as an extranet where you can closly monitor the operations of the store.  Our extranet will record all sales activities as well as inventory purchasing.  Other data such as payroll and miscellaneous expenses will also be accessible on the extranet.  Lastly, there’s the company bank account where you can check cash deposits.

The standard term of our management contract lasts two years.

We are sorry.  This is not part of our expertise.  Our core strength is in helping you to manage a franchise store.  Staying in China long term involves many other legal and immigration obstacles.  Your best bet will be consulting with an immigration lawyer in this regard.